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Knowing Beginner Mistakes Playing Online Poker Sites

by Rimbapoker Bocah Ajaib Qq (2019-09-14)

Indonesian Situs Poker Online games are in great demand by anyone, both professionals and amateurs, but sometimes it becomes a sadness for amateurs to play this game. They must first of all like swallow a bitter pill with endless defeats so that the professionals benefit a lot from the presence of amateurs on online game sites and at an online poker club in Indonesia. In poker, an amateur who is willing to fight is called a fish, whose presence is always awaited by professional Indonesian online poker players who want to benefit and win matches easily against novice players. So that things like this no longer happen, so there will be no more beginners who are utilized by those who are professionals so it is better if you are a beginner pay attention to the following mistakes that beginners play poker mistakes:

Playing Too Many Starting Hands.
Mathematically and statistically only about 20% of the starting hand is profitable Agen PokerQq in playing poker. The rest beyond that the starting hand that you play tends to only gamble by using negative EV (Expected Value / profit prediction.

Answering (calling) Raising of Weak cards
Raising is your opponent's action to increase the number of coins (chips) in pots that range in size from 2-3 times the big blind, so if you decide to play your cards at that time it is compulsory to put your chips at the amount of the raise.

Get an AK Card or a High Card Pair without Raising
Once in a while you will find your opponents calling with cards in their hands like AK, AA, KK, and QQ pre-flop to trap their opponents. But you need to know that this action is a big mistake, because it needs to be realized that for example, AA card is just a pair of cards (one pair) and obviously easy to beat by 2 pairs for example pair 2 and pair 3 even on the flop. In other words, you do not raise pre-flops, then your As pair will be followed by many other people and maybe one of your opponents will get 2 pairs during the flop or even straight.

Playing a Starting Hand Dominated by Other Cards (Kicker)
Most beginner players experience a problem with the kicker ie the leg card from the card that becomes the Top Pair, for example AJ and A-8, the kicker respectively J and 8. Usually these beginners will play A3 offsiit and when they manage to catch A on the flop, they think that at that time their cards are good, continue until the river card, it turns out that it's a joke to have a US card but with a better kickr.

Too often bluffing
One of the mistakes that even experienced poker players still often do. Bluffing or what is often called bluffing is indeed a poker tactic that is very useful for getting poker chips directly. But bluffing with a bad card and doing it over and over again, will only weaken the effect of our bluff and make it difficult to benefit if done in the long run, because our bluff will be recognized by the opponent. Before we bluff, we must also be able to read the behavior of our opponents beforehand.

Asleep With a High Brv Card
Getting a high card in hand is a good start in poker. But for novice players, sometimes having a high card gives too much confidence. Players like this usually assume that the players who dare to take bets are only players who have a High Card, so often bluffing with big bets. But it could be that this player is eventually defeated by another player who has a lower hand card but with a better card combination.

Refuse to Fold
Sounds very simple, but the fact is this is a very common mistake. This usually Idn Poker happens with amateur poker players because they find it difficult to fold and realize that they have lost the game. When the game has been running half and there has been no progress to form a combination of cards, then we should fold, especially when the value of the bet is increased, we do not need to wait until the game to realize that we have actually lost.

Excessive expectations
A beginner's mistake is the expectations are too high on a uniform card. Getting a Flush isn't as easy as you think. Just because the cards received are of the same suit, it only increases the probability by 2% compared to if the card types are not uniform. This increase is too small to guarantee us to call big bets, so learn to fold small uniform cards.