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Blood Balance Formula Review

by Shanu Sweet (2019-06-28)

Blood pressure readings, as well as other measurements of cardiovascular Blood Balance Formula health were taken, and participants were tested for cardiorespiratory fitness, muscle strength and endurance. The participants were divided, by age, into young, middle and older groups. The team found that trunk flexibility did appear to be a good predictor of artery stiffness for the middle aged and older group, not so for the young. The systolic blood pressure (top number, when heart is beating) was higher in poor flexibility subjects. It's not clear if there is a direct, cause-and-effect relationship between being more flexible and having less stiffness in the arteries. The researchers do cite another recent study that found regular stretching exercises in middle age and older adulthood significantly improved the flexibility of the carotids, major arteries found in the neck. Healthy blood vessels are supposed to be elastic, flexible, therefore helping to moderate blood pressure. Earlier research has shown that being physically fit as you get older can hold off age-related arterial stiffness, though how this works is still a mystery. One theory to explain why flexibility would be linked to the stiffness of the arteries is that stretching exercises may set off physical reactions that slow down the natural stiffening of the arteries so typical of aging.