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The Favorite Food Diet Review

by Shanu Sweet (2019-06-28)

One mistake people make when setting weight loss goals, is that The Favorite Food Diet they're not specific enough. For instance, they'll say, "I want to lose belly fat." A statement like that, has no details - it's too broad. A better statement would be something like, "I want to lose 2 inches around my stomach." That's more specific. It's also easier for you to see a number and an end result. Side note: Be sure to keep track of your goals and progress. Write them down, and keep them where you can see them everyday. A small notepad that you can get at any discount store, would work fine. Another major reason why most people don't reach their weight loss targets is because their goals are set too high. It's easier to stay motivated and make progress when your goals are easier to reach. Which do you think is easier, dropping 10 inches around your waist in a week, or losing 1 inch in a week? If 1 inch still feels unachievable to you, then try a half an inch a week. You see the difference? The key is to just keep moving in the direction of your goal - even if it's in tiny increments.