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Detoxil Omega Formula Review

by Steffan Devin (2019-06-28)

Experiments - conducted at Yale University - involving the performance of vegetarian Detoxil Omega Formula athletes have demonstrated that those athletes can engage in vigorous activity 2-3 times longer than meat-eaters and recover from exhaustion in one-fifth the time. During World War II sever meat-shortages throughout the world forced people to adopt a diet that was primarily-vegetarian. Much to everyone's surprise diet-related death-rates diminished dramatically and there was a significant decrease in diseaseFrom an article about heart disease in the June 3 1961 issue of The Journal of the American Medical Association: "A vegetarian diet ban prevent 90% of thrombo-embolic disease (clot obstruction in veins) and 97% of coronary occlusions (closed veins and arteries)".Studies among Seventh Day Adventists - most of whom are vegetarians - show that they have half as many incidents of degenerative disease as the rest of the population.