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Lutenol Review

by Shanu Sweet (2019-06-28)

You may have done some practice with you optician but Lutenol you need to know that things will be quite different when you are left to do them by yourself and once you have to do them in front of your own mirror at home and try to do it yourself it will feel quite different. You will notice that it is not that easy to place the contacts in your eyes the first time that you are doing it. Getting them into your eye and in the right position is not as easy as it looks when you do it for the first time. Of course as you get more practice over the coming days and weeks you will find that placing them into your eyes will feel almost like second nature. Of course nobody is perfect from the beginning and things like this always take time to get used to. There is no exception. Below are some tips that will help you put in and take out your lenses in the most efficient way possible. Of course before you even think about putting you contacts into your eyes you need to make sure that you hands are clean. So first thing you need to do is wash your hands thoroughly and then dry them off properly using a clean towel.