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Blood Balance Formula Review

by Shanu Sweet (2019-07-02)

Even if you ate cooked salmon every day, the latest Blood Balance Formula clinical studies indicate that you would get about half the daily intake (1.2 grams) required to achieve the most significant reductions in heart disease (2-4 grams). This is why omega-3 supplements have become increasingly popular, but doctors also warn that most available heart supplements won't give you the required omega-3 fish oil dosage. The medical community strongly recommends pharmaceutical grade omega-3. Renowned cardio-thoracic surgeon Dr. Dwight Lundell, says that PharmaNutrients Cardio capsules are the best omega-3 fish oil supplements available on the market. "I recommend these heart supplements because I am convinced of its quality and it is the strongest omega-3 available without a prescription," says Dr. Lundell. "Most of the fish oil capsules available today contain 30 percent of the omega-3 you need, and the other 70 percent is made up of mystery ingredients that likely include unhealthy saturated fat. Conversely, each capsule of this all-natural supplement contains 85 percent pharmaceutical grade omega-3 fish oil."