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7 Day Prayer Miracle Review

by Shanu Sweet (2019-07-02)

Now why is that? I mean you promised yourself that this 7 Day Prayer Miracle year...and that's part of the issue. You promised yourself. You aren't accountable to anybody else. Unfortunately, most of us humans have no problems breaking promises to ourselves. It's a bad habit that exist throughout the whole world. However, when someone else is involved, that becomes a different story. I'm not a stats guy but apparently those resolutions last an average of 3 weeks. - attendance on new gym memberships less than 6 weeks. This year I did my own little study; I followed twenty five people that made New Year's Resolutions. Promises, mostly to themselves, that they would quit smoking, lose weight, gain weight, keep the garage tidy, walk everyday and a host of others pledges. So - what's your guess as to how many people are still holding on? 18? 15? 12? 9? 6? 5? 4?3? Stop! Three it is. A whopping 12%. Better than average actually. The chances really good that they will succeed and continue on throughout the year and then set newer, bigger goals. The rest have already gone back to their old habits and we are only into the middle of February. It made my study easy anyway!