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Fibo Quantum Scalper Review

by Shanu Sweet (2019-07-04)

One other trick I have learnt along the way is to set Fibo Quantum Scalper a goal on how much I want to earn on a monthly basis. If my capital is USD250, I will set a goal of 10% profit, which is only USD25. When I break this down to weekly, it is only a little less than USD7.50 a week. If I were to trade 4 days a week, then it is about USD 1.85 per day; which is very achievable. Now, as soon as I hit my goal for the month, even though it is only on the 2nd week of the month, I will stop trading for that month. I've learnt that if I were to continue to trade, I will actually end up "losing" my profit, because my grey matter somehow tells my system that "Take it easy, you've made your money. Take more trades, you don't have to follow so strictly the trading rules." Automated forex trading is an fascinating opportunity if you need to make income using the lucrative forex marketplace but are time poor or desire to master or trade a manual system. With automated currency trading software programs, better known as a expert advisers, a computer program will trade for you routinely.