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Muscletronic Review

by Shanu Sweet (2019-07-05)

Overdoing direct ab exercises builds and strengthens Muscletronic muscles, but does nothing to burn fat. Calorie maintenance is the concept of eating just enough to maintain your current weight. Burning fat revolves around calories period. Say you burn off 2500 calories daily and consume 2500 calories then your weight will stay the same, and you'll be burning zero fat. If you consume only 2000 calories a day then your body will then begin burning fat, simple as that. Consuming under your calorie maintenance level will guarantee you lose fat, which of course includes all the fat around your belly. The rate of your fat lose depends entirely on how you manage this concept, but you must approach calorie consumption and diet wisely in your quest for sculpted tummy. Once you start melting the fat away by being under your calorie maintenance level, Your six pack abs will start to appear, but cutting out specific foods will greatly speed up the process. Eliminate from your diet: All bread and pasta made from white flour, all sugar, all hydrogenated oils, sucrose and fructose, processed meats, jelly, cakes with frosting, most desserts in general, potato chips. These foods convert to belly fat as fast as you eat them.