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by Cynthia Richards (2019-07-29)

This was a French business man who had been advised to Hydralyft Review have surgery on his back because he had a slight protrusion of a lower lumbar disc. His doctors in France had pinpointed this as the cause of the symptoms that disturbed his sleep and prevented him playing golf, his favourite pastime. The symptoms were exactly the same as yours - the feeling of insects crawling under his skin plus pins and needles, located in his thigh, from the hip to the top of the knee. According to his doctors, these symptoms were signs of sciatica. Since he had been in discomfort, for months and physiotherapy produced no good result, surgery was the only option. The date for his operation was fixed when his boss (a patient of mine) asked him to come to see me for a second opinion. Although he was reluctant to cancel the surgery and consider another diagnosis, I was able to convince him that the diagnosis was wrong and that surgery would not solve his problem. Even if the bulge on that particular lumbar disc (between L4 and L5) scratched the nerve root, the sensation or pain would not be felt above the knee; it would go down the side of the calf to the ankle. Where he experienced the sensation in the thigh comes from upper lumbar vertebrae (Ll, L2 and L3). Operating on a lower lumbar disc simply would not affect the pain. I asked him how much water. coffee and alcohol he drank and how much salt he consumed.