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Forex Millennium Review

by Shanu Sweet (2019-07-31)

The greatest barrier to making it as a trader is losing Forex Millennium all your money. The markets are a hostile environment and it will not hesitate to take your money whenever it gets the chance. Many books and courses on trading do not emphasise risk management and why it is essential for your survival, and it is not surprising then, that so many aspiring traders fail, because they do not manage how much they lose and end up losing all their money. You can maximise your chance of success my minimising your chance of failure. One simple rule is almost all you need to ensure that your chances of losing it all are vanishingly small Only risk a maximum of 1% of your trading account on any one trade It really is as simple as that. Suppose you started with $10,000. If you followed the 1% rule and risked only 1% of your money on each trade, you would need 459 consecutive losers before you lost 99% of your account. That's 459 losers in a row before you'd be left with $100! To make that a statistical certainly, you would need a system that had a winning trade only after 459 losers, or a win rate of 0.21%.