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by Cynthia Richards (2019-08-21)

Because the deadlift is ignored by many Muscletronic Review people, it is important to discuss the proper technique for performing this exercise. Many people mindlessly say: "deadlift can be traumatic for the back." In fact for back it is much more dangerous if the deadlift is not performed. A well-developed lower part of the back will at least correct posture and give a good tone to a person, and for an athlete it can be a great help in improving his results. As for the danger to the back... Any exercise, carried out incorrectly can lead to injury. So do not bother yourself with different delusions. People, who talk about the risks associated with deadlifts, as a rule, are frequent guests in the offices of therapists and different chiropractors. Deadlift is a natural and simple movement. In simple terms, you take from the floor in your hands something heavy and then you rise up. We do this constantly all our life, no matter what we lift: a new TV, a string bag of potatoes or a drunken friend of ours.