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iGenics Review

by Lovely Soul (2019-08-23)

One school of thought maintains that iGenics overexposure to light contributes to degenerative eye disorders in later life. Focusing the Eye: Exercises that focus the eye help prevent eye strain as well as improving the ability to focus and to track objects. Focusing exercises are especially helpful to heavy computer users. To try this technique, you simply place a small item on a window and focus on this item. After a short time, change your focus and focus on an item that is outside the window, or on the other side of the glass. Continue to rotate between the two objects. Once you get used to doing this, you can eliminate the window and the object and do this kind of focusing anywhere at any time. Just focus on a close up object, and then change to a distant object. Palming Eye Exercise: The palming eye exercise has been around for a long time. Although Dr. Bates didn't invent this technique himself, he does describe it and advocate it in his books. To do the palming exercise, close your eyes and place one palm over each eye, shutting out all light. Avoid pressing on your eye with your hand. And that's it. Relax yourself as much as you can.