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How to Troubleshoot AOL Email Error 521

by AOL AOL Email Tech Support (2019-08-28)

AOL email error 521 is a common technical error that can be a burden when it comes to accessing your email account. You can use the troubleshooting solutions mentioned below to fix AOL email error code 521:

  • Update your internet browser before you sign in to your AOL email account.
  • Scan your computer and check for any malicious or harmful software.
  • Try logging in to your AOL email account using a different browser.
  • Check and update the system drivers before you open AOL Mail.
  • Scan the system files using the System File Checker and check the error is fixed.

If you find that AOL email error 521 persists even after you implemented the solutions mentioned above you can call the aol email contact number and ask for assistance.

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