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Vision 20/20 Protocol

by Alisa Princy (2019-09-08)

As the result of laser eye surgery, the Vision 20/20 Protocol Review eye might lose the ability to produce enough tears keep moist and comfortable. When the problem becomes permanent, then intensive eye drop treatment or additional surgery may be needed. Regression After months of surgery, a patient might feel the result of eye surgery gradually lost. Infection and delayed healing 1 out of 1000 cases, a patient may have a chance to get a cornea infection. This case will result a discomfort and delayed healing. To avoid or minimize the lasik eye surgery risks, a patient needs to consult with a professional surgeon to gain complete information about procedure and post operation complications. One thing we must be thankful for the advanced technology and talented surgeon is that most of undesired outcomes after lasik can be corrected with additional surgery which is known as enhancement. You can take simple steps to prevent a lifetime of visual disability and blindness for your family by a visit to the eye doctor. Eye wear for sports is an important decision for preventative eye care. If you or your children are regularly involved in sports, choosing sports eye wear is essential. A good idea is special pair of eye glasses that look good but offer excellent eye protection from fast moving balls, flying dirt particles, and injuries from fingers and elbow blows to the eye. There are different choices that work better for different sports. The main goal is eye protection and prevention of eye damage. Even in little league baseball pitches may reach speeds exceeding seventy miles per hour. Basketball is very dangerous from eye injuries due to fingers abrading the cornea, the clear tissue covering the front of the eye. A hockey game in Fort Collins recently resulted in a blinding eye injury to a spectator. This was not an isolated event. If spectators can lose sight, think of the risk to the players. Fortunately, face shield are becoming standard in major league hockey. Unfortunately, that is not always true for children and recreational players.