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by Regina Fancy (2019-09-11)

Ultimately, these fashionable reading eye glasses iGenics Review are ideal bets for those who are in need of reading eye glasses and want to enjoy the latest fashion trend.Glaucoma is one of the truly insidious diseases of old age. Like high blood pressure, it is a disease that rarely causes symptoms, which is why it's so hard to detect. Glaucoma can work at in the background for years, silently working to destroy your sight. By the time you are aware of it, the damage has been done.Glaucoma is not just one disease, it is several. It refers to any vision problem caused by increased pressure inside the eye that causes the optic nerves to be destroyed. Currently, over thirty million people in the world suffer from this eye disease. Sadly, as of yet, there is no cure for glaucoma. There are, however, treatments that can be used in an attempt to control it's progression and prevent further damage to the eye.The most common forms of treatments are either medications or surgery. Most doctors will take the conservative approach and use drugs as their first choice of treatments. If medications prove to be ineffective in relieving the eye pressure or if for some reason the patient cannot take medications - (for example if the woman is pregnant) - surgery may be the only option.In many parts of the world, however, patients that need surgery are forced to forgo it, because of its high cost. It takes many years to train a competent eye surgeon. And some years of practice after that before a competent surgeon becomes a skilled surgeon. And even with a skilled surgeon, surgical and post-surgical complications occur much too frequently. In fact, there are very few surgeons in the world that have the training and expertise required to relieve eye pressure using surgery.