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by Jerome Princy (2019-09-14)

That is because the body FloraSpring is designed to run on unprocessed healthy foods. You never once saw a fat cave man I bet. With nutrient rich unprocessed fruits and vegetables you will find your body uses the calories and adjust for the intake of nutrition, allowing you to eat all you like without gaining weight. Because the food you eat provides balanced nutrition you will find your cravings will disappear, I met a woman who had lost a lot of weight by eating fruits and vegetables and was amazed at her answer when I said "don't you just crave a big old chocolate bar or a cheeseburger?" She replied, "I have cravings for carrots and apples". ( So you see if you do have remaining cravings it will be for fruits and vegetables and whats wrong with that?) What if your body is starving for nutrition and you eat 1000 calories worth of junk food? The body is still hungry and will tell you your hungry and ask you to eat more food because nutritionally, your starving. In fact you will probably be even more hungry because you body will increase your appetite to try and get you to provide the food (nutrition) that it needs. On the other hand if you have eaten properly, the body, together with being full will also be sated, you will feel satisfied. If you are feeling that you have reached a crisis with all the problems associated with overweight seemingly gathering all around you, some real and some (probably) imaginary, but nevertheless feeling real to you, you can be excused for believing the world's against you. You can't help but be conscious of the never ending drip from the media criticising anyone overweight and emphasising obesity to a point where the very sound of the word becomes depressing. What had never bothered you before seems to have developed into a serious issue and every look in the mirror upsets you. Appetite like age, progresses in a stealthy, furtive and covert way, masking its growth. It seduces you with foods you enjoy and endlessly tempts you. However, the time arrives when your half hearted efforts to change your eating habits has to be addressed. Fastening the belt is difficult and when tying a shoe lace, it seems your arms have shortened or your legs have lengthened. Bending and reaching is a strain; you find yourself wheezing when climbing stairs and huffing and puffing at the most undemanding activity. Everything seems to be getting just a little bit scary. The moment comes when you have to accept that weight is lethal and you've got it.