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Sniper Vision System

by Regina Fancy (2019-09-17)

Like LASIK, PRK patients may meet with dry eyes symptom Sniper Vision System Review after the surgery, therefore, lubricating eye drops or artificial tears should be carried about often. In order to prevent possible eye infection, the eye doctor will prescribe anitibiotics and you would be asked to take on time. Another side effect concerned is that PRK performs not so well in night vision correction. One has to take longer time to see clearly at night. As a result, in the first few months after PRK eye surgery, it is not advisable for a patient to drive at night, in case of, on one hand, car accidents and on the other hand, affection from the glare and halo.Astigmatism does not always require correction in order to achieve good vision. However, with greater degrees of astigmatism, correction is necessary. With cataracts, the additional blurring and shadowing of vision brought about by astigmatism can be quite disturbing. For those who need both cataract surgery and astigmatism correction, the Alcon Toric lens is an excellent option.Unlike other lens implants, the Alcon Toric lens can correct corneal astigmatism in addition to replacing the cataract. Its unique material is designed to be "tacky" in order to stick to the lens capsule. This results in a secure and stable placement in the eye. The Alcon Toric lens also approximates the natural discoloration (i.e. natural yellowing) of a healthy adult crystalline lens, without significantly affecting color perception. Furthermore, it offers protection from blue light, a type of light thought to result in damage to the eye.