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by Jerome Princy (2019-09-17)

Basically our body requires Leptitox Review energy for usual daily activities, if this energy which we get from food is greater than the required amount, then the excess of this energy is stored as a fat in your body therefore you will gain weight. That's right; these quick weight loss tips will help you get that waterfront mansion with a huge pool and a Lamborghini in the garage that you always dreamed about. Oh... wait a minute... that's my other dream! Anyhow, back to losing weight and getting that flat stomach of your dreams. I will give you some very good information that will help you lose your belly fat and feel good. Drinking water is my number 1 quick weight loss tip. Water is the most important ingredient in losing weight and keeping it off. Water acts like an appetite suppressant by filling your stomach up and gets rid of false cravings. Water helps you kidneys to flush out the waste from your body. Drinking cold water helps you burn about 20 calories per cup. Your body has to work to warm up the waters temperature to match your body temperature. If you drink 8 glasses a day of cold water, that's 160 calories per day that you will burn. This will help to kickstart your metabolism. When you only eat 3 meals per day, your body is constantly unbalanced with your calorie intake. This causes hunger pains and will make you over eat when you finally do eat. Instead, use the following example of how often you should eat. Breakfast at 8am. Healthy snack at 11 am. Lunch at 1pm. Healthy snack at 4 pm. Dinner at 6 pm. Healthy snack at 8 pm. The key here is to eat until your full, then stop eating. You don't need to eat everything just because its on your plate. Eat the kinds of fish that is full of essential fatty acids. Include Salmon, mackerel, and herring in your meals at least 3 times a week. This will help your body prevent insulin spikes that cause energy loss and sugar cravings. These give you longer lasting energy and fight off hunger cravings. Studies show that you can burn about 40% more fat when you drink 3-5 cups a day of green tea. Replacing a bottle of soda with a cup of cold water can eliminate 155 calories. Eliminate that one bottle of soda everyday for a year, you will save yourself 56,575 calories or 16 pounds of fat per year! Alcohol makes your body store fat. Your body sees booze as a poison and works to get rid of it. Your liver stops burning the other calories until the alcohol is gone. Also, alcohol makes you want to eat more and encourages your body to burn less.