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Secret Death Touches

by Alisa Princy (2019-09-19)

A better alternative is to seek out a Secret Death Touches Review self defense training program that focuses on simple to learn, easy to retain, highly effective techniques and principles for immediate use. Such a program must allow a smaller, physically weaker person to be able to fend off an attack by a stronger, more powerful assailant. Also, this training should be able to be learned in a relatively short period of time...usually no more than a week or so. Once armed with these practical skills, only then should you undertake the long-term traditional training found in most martial arts systems. Remember, the goal is to be able to defend yourself now, not years later. There may be times and situations in which a martial arts response may be impossible or ill-advised. An example might be if you had recently sustained a debilitating injury. Or, perhaps you are facing multiple attackers. In either of these situations maybe the use of a pepper spray, a stun device, or even a personal alarm would be better. My best friend moved out of state to start a new job. She was thrilled, yet anxious about the changes in her life. She had gone through some difficult times lately, a divorce and some medical challenges, and was also leaving behind two grown girls in college. I asked her to be wary and to take precautions in her new home, but she said she had checked out the neighborhood with the local police and felt safe. So she thought it was a good area and that she would have no worries. She moved in, started her new job, made some new friends and seemed happy. A few weeks later, while going through the parking garage at work, she noticed a man walking past her who seemed a bit suspicious. He didn't seem to be part of the corporate crowd that she worked with. His young age and his clothing gave her cause to wonder what he was doing there. He gave her a wink, walked past her, but then quickly turned around and tried to grab her purse. My friend screamed and kicked him, and he let go as some people ran to help her. The man escaped and the police were called. The police told her she was lucky; there had been a lot of purse snatchings in that parking garage in the past month. They suggested she walk to her car after work with a group for safety.