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Feng Shui For Life

by Regina Fancy (2019-09-20)

Whole lives are processed and ruined by tradition; Feng Shui For Life Review conversations with a traditionalist are useless - their miseducation runs so deep that they do not even realize that their opinion was given to them, forced upon them and instilled in them to the point of stupidity; those that uphold one religion over another are not thinking for themselves, they are believing in a fairytale that is in competition with the same fairytale told in a different language - Roman Catholics and Jews, Muslims and Hindus all believe the same basic story told in a different way designed to make money out of their faith, and all of these religions laugh at the Scientologists without realizing that their fairy tales are just as ridiculous, juvenile and far-fetched; and those that uphold the sanctity of marriage are not understanding human nature or the essence of love, they are simply forcing a flawed tradition upon themselves and their partners, a tradition based on fear and control that limits their choices, possibilities and freedom - if there was any love, trust or belief in marriage, there would be no need for marriage in the first place.