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Backyard Revolution Review

by Cynthia Richards (2019-09-23)

Some do and some don't. And the major Backyard Revolution difference seems to depend on how the system was designed, what equipment was used and if the system was installed according to the design and proper building code regulations. But we are getting ahead of ourselves. The short answer is, "Yes." On the day we interviewed Matt Morra, the New Jersey Clean Energy Council website said there were over 4,000 solar panel systems in New Jersey alone. Some see that number and say, "So What!" and they might have a good point if they mean it like, "Why is that important to me?" If that is the question, then you can hear what Mr Morra has to say. He's going to give you a good answer to the question. We interviewed Matt Morra who represents BP Solar as part of his work with the Green Energy Team -- the organization behind The Home Depot's solar system installation systems.