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by Alisa Princy (2019-09-23)

When we take a vacation we get Lumaslim Review out of the chronic stress mode of everyday life and we relax. The stress hormones stop pumping and our parasympathetic nervous system kicks in causing a relaxation response that is much more conducive to optimal digestion and metabolism. We make our bodies happy and they respond positively. I experienced this when I took my first trip to France. It was a week-long culinary focused exploration of Paris. I ate croissants for breakfast and indulged in all variety of wonderful food - cheese, bread, wine, chocolate, cassoulet and crepes. I didn't deny myself anything. I was happy, exploring a beautiful city with a fun group of people and completely relaxed. I came home 3 pounds slimmer! Clinical studies back up the connection between increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol, insulin and fat accumulation. And when you are stressed it is common to crave highly refined carbohydrate snacks which only magnifies the problem. How can we translate this information into everyday life if more vacations aren't a practical solution? If you are living your life in the fast lane while trying to lose weight, it is time to think about ways to slow down and relax. It is probably one of the most difficult things to contemplate but the health and weight benefits are worth it. Here are 3 easy ways to relax that could lead to weight loss. When we think of burning fat most people associate doing lots of cardio work such as running on the treadmill or hitting the elliptical trainer. But is this really the best workout routine for getting lean? In my experience the answer is no. In fact I think a combination of weight training with high intensity interval training is the approach you should use to lose weight successfully. The problem with what I will call normal cardio is that it just takes too long and can really damage your physique in over done. For a toned more sculpted body perform resistance training to build and tighten the muscle followed by interval training to strip off the fat. This mixture of training methods really boosts the metabolism so you're burning more energy for longer resulting in less fat. If this has got your interested then here is a sample workout routine I have used many times with my personal training clients. Warm Up - Rather than plodding on the treadmill I like to get the whole body activated and ready to train. To do this I use a quick circuit of body weight exercises. One such example is bodyweight squats, press ups, reverse lunges and jumping jacks. Do 10 reps of each with no rest between. Do 1 or 2 more circuits with only a minute rest in between.