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Lean Body Hacks

by Regina Fancy (2019-09-24)

The truth is you may only need to lose a relatively small Lean Body Hacks Review amount of weight to get down to your ideal size. I don't know why this is so but it is. In the Beyond Dieting Program Dr. Nancy Bonios recounts a story sharing her experience saying, "I personally went down from a size 13/14 down to a 5/6 and in the process, I only lost 10 pounds.Weight fluctuates It's natural for your weight to go up and down all the time. It can vary as much as ten pounds up or down, depending upon time of month, water retention, hormones, environmental factors and even atmospheric pressure.Scale Stress Weighing yourself is a common form of self sabotage since it is a way of creating stress in your body, which hooks you right back into the diet mentality,giving you a constant reminder that you're still overweight and making you feel helpless. This powerful emotional message "I'm fat" overrides any progress that you've been making in attempting to change your thoughts.Tap into your body's wisdom Naturally slim people never weigh themselves and therefore probably have no idea of their weight. This is because they don't rely on an external authority to tell them how to control their eating. They have a peaceful, balanced and healthy relationship with food and they are guided to eat by listening to their bodies.