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Cinderella Solution

by Cynthia Richards (2019-09-24)

Make sure that you eat only when Cinderella Solution Review you feel hungry and not because you feel like having something sweet. If you find that you really must have a piece of chocolate, substitute a piece of fruit instead. Cut up an apple, peel a banana, or cut up a slice of watermelon. Stay away from the ice cream or apple pie if you really want to Lose Weight For the New Year and Keep it Off. Enjoy an occasional dinner out without denying yourself any kind of foods. Order what you want to eat but eat less. Ask your waiter to bring you a take-home-box when he serves your meal. This way you can move half of everything you ordered directly into the take home box and enjoy it another day. Try not to order a dessert. This is the hardest part of eating dinner out especially if you are with others who enjoy having cake with their coffee. Ask them if you can only have a taste of the cake. When the coffee and dessert is served, take a teaspoon of their cake and place it on your plate.