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Hyperbolic Stretching Review

by Cynthia Richards (2019-09-25)

I think it's fun to see more steps Hyperbolic Stretching on the counter in a day's time than I initially thought possible. And that's especially true when much of it comes from simply keeping up with the daily routine, where "getting exercise" was the last thing on my mind. There are many types, sizes and styles to choose from. Most are easy to find and often inexpensive. But do keep in mind that the lower the price, so to (usually) goes the quality and accuracy of the step count. Some of the least expensive pedometers use a metal ball that trips a counter as you walk, and although that may sound ok, it can also count steps when you sit down, stand up or even fidget in your chair. If you are serious about monitoring your walking or even jogging distance, you'll need one like the Omron HJ-112 or HJ-103. Pedometers are usually fastened to a belt, or horizontally near the waistline. Many are even quite sensitive to the exact placement on one the hip and as noted above, can be triggered by very small up and down body movements. The HJ-112 digital pedometer is quite different.