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Easy Cellar Review

by Cynthia Richards (2019-09-27)

Find the simplest system of water Easy Cellar purification that you can use in the midst of a disaster. Clean, drinkable water is essential. Knowing how to purify water will extend your chances for survival and buy more time for rescuers to locate you. Keep food that will last you for at least five days. You'll never know how long a disaster will run or how heavy the aftermath may be. It's always best to have a surplus rather than a shortage of food. Make sure that the food you have in your survival kit is non-perishable and a high source of energy. A perfect recommendation that is cheap and a high source of energy are candy/energy bars. Remember that food should be packaged in waterproof containers and wrappers. Hermetically sealed foods are recommended over self packaged foods. If you have the tools to do your own hermetic sealing then stock up on cured or pickled foods. Canned foods are still very much in vogue as part of a survival kit. Do account for their weight though.