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Raikov Effect

by Alisa Princy (2019-09-27)

Sleep can completely refresh you Raikov Effect Review for the next day, but how well do you sleep? Learn to go to bed with no worries - the key to this is to have an interest at home that is totally absorbing and completely cleanses your mind of the work day's worries. Some people play the piano for an hour, and others garden, or fish, or cook, or clean! Listening to music, soaking in the bath and reading a book can help you unwind. But listening to the radio and watching television, and even surfing the internet: these will make you more tense as you struggle to soak in the negative vibrations you receive. Learn to switch off with a non media, real world activity. Just slipping into some comfortable lounge clothes on arriving home after work can make a big difference. Relax with a healthy nutritional meal and avoid alcohol, sugar, processed foods and heavy carbohydrates: try bananas with Greek yoghurt, fruit, or cheese and a light salad for a change. Drink at least two pints of water - I pour natural lime or lemon juice into mine, and I drink a lot of different green teas and china teas without milk. Your body needs to relax. Try yoga or meditation or just read some poetry. Get in touch with your inner spiritual being for half an hour! Light some incense. So now you can establish a refreshing atmosphere no matter how hard your day. Take a pen and paper and devote fifteen minutes each evening to thinking about whatever you would like to attain in your life, both now, and in the future, if there were no limitations whatsoever. Actually, most limitations are only in our mind and do not exist in reality. They are excuses we make to ourselves to keep putting off the good we really want to do. Consider taking a self improvement course or learning about investing: any home study course which you find interesting will have the power to lift your thinking onto a new plane so you begin to recall the things you always wanted to do, places you wanted to visit, or maybe, new ideas will flow to you! A home study course brings about the realisation that you can constantly change, improve and set yourself new exciting goals! Don't trouble about getting old: just keep interested in new things and keep getting newer!