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Sniper Vision System

by Regina Fancy (2019-09-27)

Eye floaters are small speck-like substances that become Sniper Vision System Review visible to the eye, when the vitreous liquid in the eye changes due to age. You can see them when you blink or rotate your eyes. Initially, they will follow your eye movement, but afterwards they lag behind and then come to a halt, seconds after the eye stops moving.They are most visible when you stare at a white wall or a clear sky. Most people confuse light flashes with floaters, but they are not the same thing. Light flashes are just bright lights flashing across the eye. Most often, eye floaters go unnoticed and they are really not very bothersome. However, when they occur in excess, it is necessary to consult a doctor about it.Usual medication prescribed for eye floaters are antibiotics. However, this medication is given only if floaters have been caused by the presence of white blood cells caused as a result of eye-inflammation or eye infection in the eye. You can also find vitamins and products with iodine being touted as a cure for floaters, but this varies from person to person and the results have not been clinically confirmed. Eye floaters can also be treated through laser surgery. A YAG Laser is used for the purpose; however, its effectiveness is still to be confirmed. Another surgical alternative to completely remove vitreous through a procedure called vitrectomy. However, surgery is not a recommended option as it is possible for the problem to reoccur.