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by Alisa Princy (2019-10-17)

That last part may have come as a Individualogist Review surprise to many of you. The way Spirit sees things, the bulk of most peoples' unhappiness stems from monetary challenges. In the past, we have repeatedly told you that the universe has infinite abundance. That means that all people should enjoy a less stressful pace throughout their physical incarnation. Less stress creates more and more vibrant feelings. Ultimately, this raises your approach to one that is consistently in line with universal thoughts, and not ego driven thoughts. Each one of you should feel blessed that nothing is permanent because it gives you the chance to be a co-creator of your life and happiness every new second of the day. If we are sharing with you the premise that you need to follow a philosophy of higher consciousness; one that rewards you with great things, then why would you continue to think about anything from an ego attached way? Free yourself today by letting the angels sing songs of praise for you! It happens all the time. These are The Spoken Words of Spirit. For some reason I always begin with explaining the Qabalah as God through numbers but in all actuality that is not what it is at all. It is a system of ten numbers, twenty-two letters, (of the Hebrew alphabet) and thirty two paths. I have often seen this spelled in various ways. It is a known system by which the Universe is constructed and mapped out through these Numbers, letters, and paths. They all connect forming what is known as The Tree of Life. This "Tree of Life" is the very same which Mystics often speak of and refer to when divining questions of virtue. Pythagoras is said to have based his Tetractys formula from it. This system is infinite in the number of ways it can rearrange and explain letters, numbers, and words, pretty much all things. In fact it is often said (In that mysterious way) that all things including 'no' thing can be worked out on the tree.