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Manifestation Magic

by Regina Fancy (2019-10-22)

You see success is not a secret. It is a system. Manifestation Magic Review Many people get caught up in the wall of discouragement. But courage and endurance are part of the system. We read this in the lives of all successful men and women.The road to success is a straight and narrow path. It is a road of passionate focus and undivided attention. You attract the things you give a great deal of thought and attention to. So, if you give a great deal of thought and attention to lack and shortage, you attract lack and shortage. If you give a great deal of thought and attention to injustice, you attract more injustice.Your thoughts, words, and focus have power - the power to dissolve obstacles and move barriers. Think, speak, and focus on success, and you will open the secret door to your success!Remember New Year's 2008? Do you remember the goals and resolutions you set for yourself? Do you remember how 2008 stretched out before you all shiny and new and full of possibility?What's happened to the goals and resolutions now that the year is ½ over? Are they still in front of you, still exciting and motivating you to stretch out and reach them? Or, are you like most us " if those goals were ever written down, they've been lost in the shuffle and the resolutions have been forgotten or put off to be resolved again in 2008? Oooo " that feels bad, doesn't it? The feeling of disappointment that comes when we've given up on our dreams once again.But wait! Don't quit reading yet. What about that glass that's half empty or half full? There are still six more months to achieve the year you were dreaming of! Whether you had given up or forgotten some of yougoals, or still have them right in front of you, now is the time to re-commit.