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Cinderella Solution

by Alisa Princy (2019-10-22)

Just like when a team of innovators Cinderella Solution Review decides to tackle a problem, they need a mission statement. Something that will tread them through the waters, when they rise to an uncomfortable level. This means, it is important at the beginning of any new challenge, to remain steadfast, to have the basic premise that lead you to seek a solution. Think of a mission statement like a road map to the end point, the solution. What motivated you to start this path? Are there things in your life that really caused you to change your way of thinking? How can you affirm these thoughts into a mantra that will bring you great success? Simply put, do not wait to write down the things that have caused you to want to lose weight. It can be as simple as you want to look good, feel great, and you are worried about your health. Or, it can be deeper things like the death of a dear family member or friend, who motivated you with a request to try to lose weight. Imagine the best reason you have to lose weight. It must be something that really resides in your deepest thoughts, as this can really motivate your actions. You have the power to take this great positive force, and continue to remember, initiate, proclaim, and declare yourself free from increased weight gain. Could it be your children? Do you have a warning from your doctor that has scared you into action? But deeper than your children, how can you move forward as a positive person, without remembering yourself, and what you mean to your own positive initiatives in life. Do you want to do more at your local church or foundations? An initiative that motivates you into a forward positive mindset will be a great force to make a difference. Maybe because of your weight, you are unable to physically do these great things. You have the power to change, you only have to set your mind to it.