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by Alisa Princy (2019-10-23)

I knew a young couple who fell in love Leptitox Review and got married. While not the picture of health, he was in shape and kept up his appearance as he had always done. She was beautiful, weighing 105 pounds at 5'5." She worked out and was in great shape, having never been overweight a day in her 29 years. She was a strong woman who knew what she wanted and how to get it. I admired them and was happy they had found each other. I remember speaking to him just before their marriage, and he told me how much he admired and loved this woman whom he would soon marry. He loved her spirit, her convictions, her strength, her beauty, her respect for her body, and their commitment to working out together; he loved that they shared that. He also loved that she ate so well, and that he knew his future children and he would always eat properly. During their first year of marriage I paid them a visit and was stunned that she was barely recognizable as the woman I used to know. Nobody had forewarned me because, of course, it was a touchy subject. This woman had gone from 105 to 185 pounds within one year of marriage. How did this happen; why did this happen? Her husband did not say anything about the weight gain, and we just enjoyed our visit as if nothing had happened. The following year she gave birth and had to deal with gestational diabetes. When all was said and done, she weighed over 250 pounds. This is not an exaggeration. The couple had two more children, and they appeared to be content, never mentioning the obvious change. Years passed and they eventually divorced.