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Text Chemistry

by Jerome Princy (2019-10-23)

A Nose Strategy! Well, we all Text Chemistry Review know that certain scents stimulate certain reactions from men and women! For example, in high-quality spas you will find refreshing or relaxing scents (such as eucalyptus or lavender). Equally, there are scents which stimulate sexual and sensual thoughts and feelings. It is maintained that scents like rose, jasmine, patchouli (this one can be strong so use sparingly), as well as ylang ylang, sandalwood (again, this one is strong so use it sparingly) and cinnamon have aphrodisiac properties. Of course you can't drown yourself in it otherwise it'll be both be obvious and overwhelming. The scent's role is to stimulate his subconscious, not be the only thing on his mind! Try them and choose the one that works for you. Apply it on your wrists, or behind your ears, inside your elbows, ankles and knees. If that's not practical, just spray it around you in a very sparing way. Don't change the perfume once you have chosen it, so that every time he smells it he'll be reminded of that romantic dinner you had together. Give him a Hint! This has to happen from time to time. Guys like to do all the chasing (or most of it) but they do need to have some hope to do so, ideally mixed with more puzzling signs to keep the mystery and keep him guessing. But don't turn him down outright (some girls do this and they think they're playing hard to get, but they're mostly building a wall between them and their target guy). The encouragement you must show him should work mostly at subconscious level, so they should be body language signs, such as picking a dry leaf from his jacket (or similar, whatever it is), wetting and biting your lips. Basically any of the BODY LANGUAGE SIGNS that show subconscious signs of attraction to him. He'll pick them up, don't worry! Finding the right romantic partner for you can be difficult. One friend of mine has gone so far as to declare that she needs to move to a new place, having already dated all of the single men in her current town. She told me that she has no other way to meet a new guy, except online dating, and she's decided that dating websites aren't for her. So: she decided she has to move. I don't agree. I think she's overlooking a very important way that you can meet someone special. She should try doing things she likes doing and meeting people that way. Amazing! You mean that someone should actually go out and do fun things? And meet someone? No way, that's too simple, there must be a catch. Except there isn't. She should just go out and do fun things, things she'd like to do anyhow, and meet people in that fashion.