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7 Day Prayer Miracle

by Alisa Princy (2019-10-23)

In light of this, how do you re-kindle 7 Day Prayer Miracle Review that fire within you which has long since vanished? This article goes through four simple steps on how to re-ignite the embers that used to burn deep inside you. Read on to find out a few simple steps on how to rediscover your purpose in life. Back Track For most people trapped in their jobs, marriage, hobbies and kids finding their purpose requires back tracking. Remember what your dreams where when you were 20 years old. Remember the time in your life when you felt that if you only worked hard enough you could be on top of the world. It would help if you had old diaries. Most dreamers scribble and write their goals and purpose in life. Perhaps you wanted to start out a business, find those plans that you drew up and re-live the feelings you had. If you need help, perhaps a spouse or a close friend can remind you what you always wanted to be when you were younger. Your parents can also remind you of your "silly plans." Write it Out Next step is to write them out. Remember life is all about your journey and not about the destination. If you are 60 years old and you wanted to build the largest software company in the world it would be difficult but not impossible. You may run out of time but if your vision is strong enough perhaps you son or a chosen predecessor will achieve your goals. Do not under estimate vision. The strongest visions of often outlive those that created them. Write out your purpose no matter how ludicrous it may sound to you and to others. Work on It an Hour Each Day If you are currently occupied with work or some other responsibilities try and work an hour each day on your purpose. If you felt that your purpose in life was to build the fastest VW Beetle then putting in an hour each day will get you there sooner or later. It is important to be consistent in this. An hour's is not too much to ask daily for your purpose in life isn't it? Don't forget that a lot of people started out making the grandest things in life in their spare time.