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7 Day Prayer Miracle

by Jerome Princy (2019-10-24)

Opportunities, no matter what 7 Day Prayer Miracle Review we do or fail to do will always be in existence everywhere around us for the impeccable reason that the concept of an opportunity is a phenomenon like no other. Unlike sunshine and rain; sunrise and sunset, to even light and darkness, which all come one minute and disappear the next, opportunities will always be there. Because very much unlike these natural phenomena listed the existence and role of opportunities in our lives is much more comparable to the existence of oxygen in our atmosphere. By this, what I mean is that even though our level of oxygen intake - as some people, perhaps owing to health issues, may find it a struggle to breathe easily - varies it does not in any way, shape or form mean the amount of oxygen in the air has decreased for some and increased for others; opportunities don't come one minute and evaporate the next, as it is constantly there for us to either explore it or ignore it. So then comes the million dollar question thrown at me many a time during my motivational coaching sessions on the topic of 'Opportunities': So why do some people seem to have more opportunities in life than some unfortunate others? Surely, there must be an imbalance in the supply of opportunities in the earth's atmosphere?? Ladies and gentlemen, let it be understood that the opportunities in our atmosphere is colour-blind, race-blind and non-prejudiced; it does and will never take into account one man or woman being Caucasian, whilst others being Asian and Africans. Candidly speaking, there is equal amount of opportunity out there for every each one of us if only we are willing to leave our comfort zones, apply ourselves and seize the initiative. Another one of the many wonderful features of opportunities in addition to its omnipresent quality is the fact that even when we seem to have 'run out' of opportunities, the potentials to create more and more of it is hardly ever lacking. TEAMs work best where there is a sense of FAMILY, sense of belonging where LOVE is shared unconditionally and genuinely. It is highly unfortunate that in some organizations and institutions the FOCUS is on shooting all the wounded soldiers rather than REHABILITATING them. How do you BUILD by tearing down? Trust, Care, Unity and Love are integral elements for TEAM GROWTH. The sooner we realize that it takes the efforts of each member of the team to make things happen, the sooner we will actually make significant progress. The team leader needs to be sensitive to the needs of each team member and work with the weakest link to make the greatest link. A team is as strong as the weakest member. Once we ignore the weaker ones we are rubber stamping the possibility of team collapse and ultimate failure. We are encouraging chances of the team not performing at optimum levels.