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Overnight Millionaire System

by Jerome Princy (2019-10-24)

In this post, I'll offer a Overnight Millionaire System Review simple three-step process for getting to the root cause of, and overcoming, our stuff addiction. My goal is not just to help people want less stuff, but also to show how spiritual practices like meditation and self-awareness can have important practical uses in our lives. The next time you feel a burning desire to buy something, pause for a few moments and notice how that desire manifests in your mind and body. In other words, ask yourself questions like these: What do you find yourself thinking when you've "got to have" that car, sofa, pair of jeans, or whatever it is you normally crave? Are you dreaming about how others will compliment you on your new chair, how people will admire the way you look in those pants, or something else? What sensations come up in your body-is there an ache, tension, heat, or some other discomfort? Perhaps the desire feels like a gaping hole inside that you need to fill with some new possession. If so, where is the hole? How big is it? As you start getting familiar with how you experience your craving, you may notice it beginning to feel more comfortable and manageable. The more deeply you understand your hunger for stuff, I think you'll find, the less power it will have over you. As Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj said, "you cannot transcend what you do not know. To go beyond yourself, you must know yourself." Once you've got some idea of the contours of your craving, the next step is to spend a little while simply allowing that desire to be. Don't buy the item or turn your attention to anything else-stay where you are, and fully experience your need for the thing. No matter how intense or painful that need seems, keep breathing, relax your body, and allow the craving to persist until it passes away. I think you'll discover that allowing your desire to be, without doing anything about it, can't hurt you. And when you let yourself fully experience that yearning, it actually passes away quickly-much like any other thought or feeling. In the past, to avoid the discomfort of that unmet need, you may have been in the habit of immediately reaching for your credit card. But when you understand that you're strong enough to experience your stuff-hunger without doing anything about it, you'll find yourself giving into that urge less and less often. Another useful technique is to reflect on your life, and recall moments when you've let your urge to acquire stuff pull your strings. Each time, you may have expected the things you bought to make you happier, or fill a hole within you. And perhaps you got a short-term high from your purchase. But did you get any lasting fulfillment out of it?