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The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy

by Regina Fancy (2019-10-24)

A Thousand-Year-Old RemedyAccording to Oriental history, The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy Review the Chinese were the first culture to utilize this berry as a remedy. Over a thousand years ago, it was recorded in Yue Wang Yao then from the Tang Dynasty and in Sibu Yidian, which writing was completed in the 8th century.For those uninitiated in Oriental medicine, Sibu Yidian is the classical Tibetan medical book comprising four bulky volumes and consisting of a total of 158 chapters. Thirty chapters deal with sandthorn medicinal products. They mention the pharmacological effects on inducing the expectoration of phlegm (a yucky subject of itself) by opening the inhibited lung energy, dispersing dampness, tonifying the YIN and strengthening the YANG. In doing so the whole respiratory system is benefited and revitalized. More than sixty entries refer to its capacity to strengthen the spleen and the stomach, to promote blood circulation, and to remove old, stagnant blood. There are some 84 prescriptions with sandthorn, which come in the form of seven different preparations: decoction, powder, pill, medicinal extract, tincture, ash and, believe it or not, shortbread!