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by Regina Fancy (2019-10-29)

Every Dream Image Is Some Aspect of You The key to Individualogist Reviewunderstanding any image or dream symbol is that it is always describing some aspect of you in a picture language. That "raging bull" is describing some aspect of you. That "flood in your home" is describing some aspect of your experience. "Groucho Marx" joking around in your dream is describing some aspect of your humorous behavior or the way you are viewing a situation. Your dreams are you in picture form. We say in New Thought spirituality that God is all that there is, that each person is a unique, individual expression of that Divine essence, created from the same God stuff, and with the same essential nature. Everything and everyone, all of creation, flows from the same Source.And, in the day to day application of that principle in our lives, we can be a little... awkward.We seem to like people more who are like us, and we assign them greater value.It may be because we think, somewhere deep down inside, that the way that we are, the way that we think, the way that we dress or believe or speak or sing or look or show up in the world is The Right Way, or The Best Way. Which puts everyone else on the planet in the unfortunate position of being, well, wrong. Poor people.Or, we go the other way with our rather clunky navigation of diversity, which is to think that everyone else seems to have things figured out EXCEPT me! We question our own uniqueness, our own gifts, our own lives, and think that they "should be" different somehow.When we make exclusions in our minds, whether its THEM or whether its ME, what we are essentially saying is that there is less of the perfection of God in one place than another.