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by Alisa Princy (2019-10-29)

I passed on my blessing in the form of Individualogist Review money, time and companionship during her last days. I had no expectation of reward, but what I received was the gift of joy, knowing that in some way, I contributed to her happiness. That was a reward within a tragedy. I still grieve a little from time to time and miss her. I don't remember her name but I do remember her smiling face and her playful spirit and I am so grateful for that. It really hurts just to tell this story. You see my intent was to help. At that time I was in position to give and was not obligated, I could have dropped the relationship as soon as money came up but I decided to bless her and in turn my life was blessed. It was my intent, to give from the heart and not from some other place expecting some benefit. When one gives the receiving is automatic. I am not always in the position to give. Sometimes it just isn't possible. The only option is to do better in life, so that you are in position to bless others. My giving is through these writings, I receive no financial reward at all. I believe by sharing my stories that it may help someone to do better, to have a better vision of themselves and somehow that they will get blessed, as I have been. Today, I want to stir you up to expect and dream for this coming year. We all have dreams, some of them are unspoken, some have been discarded, and some we are yet to imagine. Without a dream or vision, we are just getting through life; basically surviving. God doesn't want us to JUST survive - He wants us to dream and move towards an aim or goal in our lives. What are your aims this year? What would you like to achieve? I usually have loads of aims and things that I would like to do. BUT I never seemed to get around to doing anything or maybe life just got in the way. Every year I would sit down and review my past efforts and become very discouraged. What is the point in even writing down goals? I never seem to achieve even a portion of what I dream about.