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by Alisa Princy (2019-10-31)

While getting checked for new glasses may Igenics Review seem like less of a worry than possibly having glaucoma, checking your glasses prescription is actually just as important. You may not be seeing properly without even knowing it. Vision impairment has been known to cause car accidents, eye injuries, and could impair daily life - all because your vision hasn't been checked for a new prescription in a while. To be on the safe side, make sure you see your eye doctor once every two years for an eye exam. If you notice your vision became a little fuzzy, don't hesitate - go see your eye doctor. Vision screenings are not a substitute for a proper eye exam. School nurses, pediatricians, and your local DMV may test your eyes in a quick vision screening but this is only done to see if you need a more comprehensive exam and it will not tell you if you need glasses. Only an optometrist or ophthalmologist can perform a comprehensive exam, give you a prescription for eye glasses or contact lenses, and fit you for a proper pair of eyeglasses frames. Before going any further with LASIK eye surgery, you should attempt to find as much information as you can on both the surgeon and the process. Since an important part of your body will be in someone else's care, you need to feel completely happy with their abilities. Most surgeons have impressive titles and abbreviations after their name; however, you would be wise to confirm that they are adequately qualified to perform LASIK surgery. Do You Have A High Level of Experience in Eye Surgeries? Using an eye doctor that has a lot of experience is the best choice. A reputable doctor should not hesitate in providing you with information about how many eye surgeries they have performed in the past. It is recommended that you find a doctor who has taken part in 500 surgeries or more, not inclusive of surgeries that are mechanical, such as RK, ALK and AK. How Long Have You Been Practicing as an Eye Surgeon It is important to ask how many years the surgeon has been performing LASIK eye surgery. While a doctor may have passed the minimum amount of surgeries needed, you must have knowledge of the timeframe in which they were completed. The surgeon should have completed the procedures over a reasonable amount of time, such as 3 years.