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by Jerome Princy (2019-11-03)

Meniere's disease is an inner Ring Ease Review ear disorder that causes vertigo episodes, fluctuating loss of hearing, tinnitus, and a feeling of pressure or fullness in the ear. So obviously, tinnitus and Meniere's disease is linked together, along with progressive loss of hearing and dizziness. Is there a Correlation? It was in 1861 when this disease was first found out by French physician named Prosper Meniere. He reported back then that vertigo's triggered by inner ear disorders that affect balance and hearing. Before going further, it is important that you always keep in mind not to diagnose such illness by yourself. Do not assume or conclude you have it just because you are experiencing dizziness, or any similar symptoms. Seek medical help before jumping to conclusions. This is the number one rule when suffering from some health disorders. With proper evaluation and prognosis, only then you will be able to get apposite treatment. Again, diagnosing Meniere's disease is only done by medical practitioners. Since this disease showcases the same symptoms with other medical conditions, a series of tests are necessary. What exactly is Meniere's disease? Typically, Meniere's disease manifests four symptoms, and each of them has the tendency to vacillate. First symptom is loss of hearing, followed by rotational vertigo, then tinnitus, and the fourth is aural fullness. This rotational vertigo is best characterized by dizziness. It feels like the kind of game kids like to play, wherein they spin around faster and faster in one place until they fell down. Obviously, it doesn't feel nice. A person experiencing it feels like his or her head is constantly spinning even when sitting or lying down, and once the turmoil passes, disorientation and nausea will soon follow. On the other hand, aural fullness is felt like there is a pressure within your ear, the same feeling you have when you descend from an aircraft. However, there is really no air pressure. These mentioned symptoms are suggestive of Meniere's but as previously stated, tests have to be carried thoroughly to discern the real condition. And apart from these, some patients are reported to suffer also from confusion, forgetfulness, and memory loss.