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Vision RX 20

by Alisa Princy (2019-11-05)

Aged macular degeneration is a Vision RX 20 Review condition which affects many thousands of older patients. It gradually destroys sharp, central vision which is used for daily tasks such as reading and driving. It is the leading cause of vision loss for people 60 and above. There are two major types of aged macular degeneration and here are the key symptoms. Dry AMD: The general the most common symptom in the early stages are blurred vision. This blurred vision may alleviate in brighter light. But if the loss of light sensing cells becomes greater, people may see a small but ever growing blind spot in the middle of their field of vision. Wet AMD: A typical early symptom can be that straight lines appear crooked. This occurs when fluid from leaking blood vessels in the eye accumulate and distort vision. A small blind spot may also appear in wet AMD when causes a loss on central vision. There are a number of treatments for wet AMD including laser therapy and photodynamic therapy. There are also some recent medications which have shown some benefit. However none of these treatments are outright cures. And once dry AMD reaches advanced stages, there is unfortunately nothing which can be done to treat it. However there are many recommended treatments which should help to minimize or slow the damage from this disease. This includes good nutrition and high dosages of antioxidants and zinc. This appears to have a beneficial effect and should be initiated in early stages to minimize or avoid further deterioration. The right nutrition. It determines the quality of our lives from a physical, mental and emotional point of view. It plays a major role in determining our success. For example, the flavanoids in vegetables such as Onions and Broccoli protect the brain from age related mental decline. Foods such as Carrots, Apples and Celery improve mood by increasing the level of serotonin in the brain.