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Ring Ease

by Regina Fancy (2019-11-06)

Age related hearing loss can be a confusing, Ring Ease Review frustrating, and even debilitating part of growing older. Understanding what it is and how it works can help you find the best ways of coping with it.Hearing problems that are directly related to aging, referred to medically as presbycusis, are almost impossible to link to any one specific cause. However there are several factors, some of which we can effect but most of which are beyond our control, that may have a significant impact on our level of risk.Heredity is believed to play an important role in determining whether we experience hearing impairment as we age. Having parents and/or grandparents who became hard of hearing when they got older increases the odds that that you may lose some hearing capability.Exposure to loud noises can contribute to the problem. People who work in a very noisy environment are at greater risk of hearing impairment. Listening to very loud music for long periods of time, particularly through earphones, may add to the problem.Age, gender, and race can effect your odds of hearing impairment. There is no specific age at which hearing loss is automatically designated as age-related, though it's rarely diagnosed in people under 50. The older we get the greater the risk, and about half of all people 65 and over experience some loss of hearing.