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Hearing X3

by Alisa Princy (2019-11-06)

It is important for those with the Hearing X3 Review condition to get plenty of rest and to avoid fatigue. They should also try to avoid loud noises and sounds and get daily exercise. Deep breathing, along with meditation and other types of relaxation, can be useful. Also, as blood pressure correlates to this disorder, lowering ones blood pressure is important. Thus, losing excess weight can be helpful in combating symptoms. The next step in permanently curing tinnitus is to add supplements to ones diet. It has been found that those with the disorder often have low levels of zinc in their bodies, so the addition of a zinc supplement is recommended by doctors. Ginkgo Biloba is another supplement that has shown great promise in treating the condition. Doctors recommend that sufferers take two Ginkgo Biloba pills three times a day with food. Additionally, melatonin can be helpful, especially for those who have trouble sleeping. One to three milligrams at bedtime can greatly reduce symptoms and bring on good quality sleep. Next, look at what medications you are currently taking. Many drugs, including anti-inflammatory medications, sedatives, antibiotics, antidepressants, and even aspirin can cause or exacerbate symptoms. Check with your doctor if you take medication to see if an adjustment might eliminate your symptoms. Finally, do not worry about your tinnitus. The condition can be caused by or exacerbated by stress, and worrying about it will only make it worse. Practice stress reduction methods, such as deep breathing and meditation. One can look into available therapies as well, such as craniosacral therapy, where the bones of the head are softly manipulated. Reducing stress is key in curing this condition, and there are holistic practicing professionals who can help, both through massage and through the teaching of stress reduction methods, and of ways to handle the symptoms more effectively.