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Vision 20/20 Protocol Ebook

by Alisa Princy (2019-11-07)

There is certainly a better alternative Vision 20/20 Protocol Ebook Review to straining to see at night when there is little light. Keeping your eyes in one position for too long is counterproductive to your vision improvement goals. Instead, keep your eyes in constant motion. This activates the rods and cones of the cells in the Retina which are sensitive to light. Pay more attention to your peripheral vision. In fact the less light there is the greater is your peripheral vision. So instead of looking directly at what you see, redirect your focus off to one side or another. Make a high quality vision supplement and an eye exercise program an integral part of your program and you will get the maximum benefit from your vision improvement goals. Are you constantly suffering from tired eyes during and after working in front of your computer screen? There is nothing to worry about because this computer eye strain is not a very serious eye problem. Often you can treat it using simple home remedies. Our eyes are actually a very fragile thing. Not just because it is made up of soft tissues, but because we tend to abuse it every single day. And I'm not just talking about the daily task of seeing because that is a given. We abuse it by working on our computers for very long hours. We abuse it when we read documents after documents. And that is why the first home remedy tip that I will be giving to you is to regulate the way you use your eyes at work. Of course you need to see in order to know what it is you are doing, but learn to take very short breaks. We all know that working for continuous hours is not good to our health, even more so to our eyes. A short break that I am talking about here is just a minute or two of sitting back in your office chair, closing your eyes, and relaxing for that very short time span. Do not think of anything but just focus on resting your eyes. After that you will notice that your eyes have been rejuvenated, refreshed, and you are ready to go for another batch of work. Have you seen a picture of a woman resting with a pair of sliced, cold cucumbers placed on top of her eyes? You can do that too to enhance your rest, especially for your eyes. And you do not have to use only cucumbers. Even carrots will do.