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Abs After Forty

by Jerome Princy (2019-11-07)

It will take a strong willed Abs After Forty Review person to achieve this via nothing more than fifteen minutes of laying on the floor with your head positioned correctly on the Ab Crunches and twenty crunches later you are ready to go and enjoy a breakfast made up of yoghurt, toast and orange juice. This is what we call a healthy start to our day and a great start to achieving that scrumptious abs that we tend to spend all year protecting with no such luck. Age is a big factor in maintaining these abs, it is common knowledge that the older we get the harder it is to look after them. We are required to almost double our workout when we hit midlife, this being the age of forty and this is regardless of whether you are male or female. The first thing a women is told after giving birth to a baby is that eight weeks after delivery she needs to get working on her abs, if neglected the possibility of having those stomach muscles retract into proper form is reduced dramatically. Men are told to be careful of the drink and to always drink in moderation because if the advice is neglected the first place this luxury tends to rear its ugly head is in the abdomen, therefore making it harder to have those abs shine to their full potential. When one is spotted along the beach showing off those abs to all that dare to look, it would only naturally give them a sense of pride and accomplishment, it enables one to compliment themselves on their looks, enhancing their own ego's. A luxury given to us from birth, we are told while growing up that it is up to us with how we look after ourselves, but those that cherish eating those healthy salads and vegetables with the lean steak are the ones that will find it easier to maintain those desired abs. A strong posture is an added bonus in making those abs look great, it enables the chest to be held correctly and allows the flab formed around our abs to retract and show off the gift that God has given to us from birth. Mainly there are two types of cardio in the world of fitness. Experts always refer to them as steady state and high intensity interval training or HIIT. Steady state cardio is just something light like jogging without any breaks. Interval training is alternating between intense work and light work like jogging for 2 minutes and then sprinting for 1 minute.