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The Halki Diabetes Remedy

by Bruce Karter (2019-11-09)

Extremely important for your health is to maintain a constant level of blood sugar. Both too high a level and too low are dangerous for you. Therefore, check it regularly using a glucometer.

If you need to inject insulin control the amount of carbohydrates in your meals, because the increase in blood sugar levels. This is where the reading of the second part of the article.

Carbohydrates good and bad

For diabetics it is important to not only the amount of carbohydrates in the diet, but also their quality. The slower you are absorbed (i.e. they have a low glycemic index), the better, because they do not cause a rapid increase in blood sugar levels. Quickly absorbing the sugar, chocolate, jam, ice cream, honey, jams, and fruit juices. Moderately absorbing the cereal products made from white flour, white rice, fruits, small cereal, potatoes. Slow absorbing the vegetables, whole meal bread and pasta with whole grains, brown rice, coarse cereal.