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by Jerome Princy (2019-11-11)

Diabetes is growing like StrictionD Review epidemics in the United States of America. More than 7% population is suffering from diabetes; this is around 6% of the total population. This figure is alarming. Even more alarming is the fact that around 1/3rd of these diabetics are unaware of their medical condition. Following are the 9 top early signs of diabetes that a person must be aware of Person Feels Excessively Thirsty: This is a trademark of diabetes. It is generally the first indication of diabetes. Diabetes related thirst is generally continuous. Person Needs To Make Recurrent Trips To The Rest Room: Excessive urge to urine is another diabetic symptom. Most of us need to urinate only few times in one day, however diabetics have this urge recurrently. The reason behind this is that excessive level of sugar in bloodstream cause the body to dehydrate. Diabetic Person Has A Dry Mouth: A common sign of diabetes is dry mouth. The sugar level rises because of diabetes which then affects the hygiene. Some common complaints of diabetics are dry mouth, gum disease, cavities and teeth loss. Unfortunately the oral infection makes the situation even worse as it cause the level of blood sugar to rise further. Diabetes also affects the taste buds and it becomes difficult to feel the taste of the sweet things. The person tries to add more sweeteners and as a result the level of blood sugar rises further. The Vision Becomes Blurry: Blurriness in vision is sign of diabetes. It is the foremost indication of eye related problems because of diabetes. Excessive level of sugar in the bloodstream causes the lens of the eye to change its shape as well as its flexibility. This affects the ability to focus and cause the vision to become blurry. Other diabetic related eye problems include cloudy vision, double vision and in some case a floating spot in the front of eye. Cuts And Sores Take A Longer Healing Time: Slow healing wounds also indicate diabetes. Diabetes makes the body less effective in fighting against different infections. Itching In The Vaginal Area: Vaginal burning and itching is also an early sign of diabetes, it indicates type 2 diabetes. The skin around the vaginal area becomes red as well as sore. Regular yeast infection is another sign of diabetes. The naturally occurring yeast in the vagina is fed by the sugar in the bloodstream.