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Subliminal Guru

by Alisa Princy (2019-11-12)

We should always enjoy the journey, but Subliminal Guru Review we should also realize that one rushed decision that does not take into account the end result may well ruin that journey - I am not trying to be a kill joy here, but I am trying to instill a sense of responsibility into that journey, to instill a sense of calm into the decision making processes we go through, to allow you to see the end result so that the journey is less fraught with worry, anguish or pain. If we see where a decision might lead us, we are then more able to enjoy and endure the decision we make, if we never consider the end result and we are simply looking for something to make us feel better instantly, then we will always be disappointed, unprepared and let down by the actual events that occur, events we might have foreseen had we thought a little farther along the line. If we all decided to look a little further ahead, if we all decided to be honest with ourselves, if we all decided to see what was there instead of looking for an idyllic lie, if we all considered the end result then we might be more capable of handling change and of handling life, of creating a journey to enjoy rather than always looking for the instant-gratification-conclusion that never comes. It can be demonstrated that success is determined by two main factors. Firstly, in order to become successful one must have the ability to change their characteristics and habits, so as to adapt and survive through the changes in circumstances, events and experiences that occur during one's life. Secondly, one must have the ability to connect with others who will encourage, support and offer opportunities that allows one to achieve success. The following four unique individual success stories prove this to be the case.